Creating The Perfect Pinterest Profile

  • June 10, 2018
  • By Bal
Create the perfect pinterest profile

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources out there, and when utilized properly can help generate tons of traffic for even the youngest of blogs. To ensure you are getting the most out of Pinterest, you need to make sure your Pinterest profile is professional and as relevant to your blog as possible.

To help you create the Perfect Pinterest Profile, I have created this quick and easy guide. By following my guide you should have an awesome profile within an hour, or two.

    1. Swap from a personal profile to a business profile.

      While the two are quite similar, you are required to have a business account on Pinterest if you’re a blogger. Plus business accounts get access to Pinterest Analytics. The analytics are a great way of checking what pins are performing best, how many views you get on Pinterest, and most importantly the click-throughs to your site. This helps you when it comes to generating traffic through repinning methods you can put into practice later on and identifying which your pins have gone viral.

    2. Make sure your profile picture is professional and relevant to your blog’s branding

      Using a logo, or a good headshot of yourself for your profile picture on Pinterest can help build trust with your readers. A headshot can allow someone to relate to you more, by adding a human touch to your Pinterest account, while a logo helps brand awareness and adds a professional touch.

    3. Update your websites about me section to explain what you offer & why people should follow you

      Getting followers on Pinterest is a great way of increasing your account’s traffic, which hopefully results in more clicks through to your website. Use your about me section to explain what your blog and Pinterest account offers, what you can help people with and include a link to your website. Keep it simple, but make sure people understand why they should follow you.

    4. Add keywords to your about me section

      When writing your about me page, make sure to include keywords that will help your profile show up in the search results.

    5. Verify your website

      Verifying your website on Pinterest is quick and easy to do. Verifying your website builds your authority with Pinterest and gives access to your domain’s Pinterest analytics. You can verify your website under Settings. You will be given some instructions on how to

    6. Create a “Best of blog” board

      Creating a “Best of blog” board helps with building your brand identity. It makes it easy for you and your followers to find pins for your blog posts among all your other boards, allowing for easy sharing and repinning.

    7. Create boards related to your topic

      Creating boards related to your topic is important, as it helps build your brand identity. Too many off-topic boards can look messy, and confuse your followers. Make sure to pin at least 10 relevant pins to each board as this helps increase engagement.

    8. Enable Rich Pins

      Rich pins help your pins stand out more by displaying a preview of the page’s content you are linking to and adds a “read it” button to the pin view. If you are using WordPress there are a range of plugins that allow you to use rich pins, including Squirrly and Yoast. To get help enabling rich pins, read the Pinterest guide here.

    9. Add hashtags to your pins descriptions

      Pinterest functions more like a search engine than most social media sites. To help users find content, add hashtags to your descriptions.

    10. Add Pinterest share buttons to your website

      To help users pin from your site, add a Pinterest button to your site. If you are using WordPress there are a range of social media sharing plug-ins available. I recommend using Simple Share Buttons Adder, or Social Media Feather as both have minimal effect on page load speed

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