How to Go Viral On Pinterest

  • June 10, 2018
  • By Bal

New to Pinterest? or just unhappy with the results you’ve been getting? Then this is the guide for you! Going viral on Pinterest will help you see a huge increase in traffic to your blog. But how do you actually go viral on Pinterest? Going viral comes down to a few different things but it is mostly down to the pin you create; styling and quality go a huge way when it comes to Pinterest.

Use Professional Quality Photographs

If you’re a professional photographer, then great! You can already produce the quality of photographs needed to help your pins go viral. If you’re not, then you can always make use of professional tock photographs. Using my guide on how to legally source free images for your blog, you can get professional photographs for commercial use without spending a penny. First impressions are important, and in the case of Pinterest your first impression is the pin you are using. Poor quality photographs give a bad impression and cause people to be put off your blog before they have even got to it. But a professional photograph can help draw a Pinterest user in, build a sense of trust, it can help make them think “This person must know what they’re talking about”.

Add a Description using keywords

Pinterest is a type of search engine and in order to increase your chances that you appear in the search results, you need to start using descriptions that contain keywords. You need to make sure your descriptions are relevant, and choose keywords relating to your chosen topic and blogs niche. This will ensure you appear in only relevant search results, increasing the chance you get people clicking through to your blog. For example, I chose to look up itinerary’s for the Isle of Skye in Scotland so I typed in “isle of skye itinerary” and the only pins to appear all relate to the Isle of Skye and Scotland.

The description is also important as when people are repinning your pins, your description gets used for the new pins. It’s also important as popular Pinterest management tools such as Tailwind and Boardbooster require that you have a description.

Add Hashtags

Pinterest recently joined in the likes of Instagram and Twitter in making use of hashtags. Like keywords, hashtags help people find your pins by searching but they also help categorise your pins with similar pins. I recommend including 3 to 5 hashtags per Pin on top of the good description mentioned above.

Brand your pins

Choosing a colour scheme, and fonts that you will use across all your pins can help ensure you go viral. It helps boost brand awareness and builds a sense of trust with your readership.

Include your websites address on all your pins to help ensure that people know where they came from, and they know what site it will take them through to. It also has the benefit of decreasing the chances someone steals your pin, as it’s much harder to get away with altering the URL on a pin which has a website address on it than those without.

Keep your pins simple but catchy

When creating pins, make sure you do not flood them with too much text. Make it simple enough that people skim reading know what your Pins about, while still ensuring you give enough information to attract their attention. For example, “Liverpools Top Attractions” is going to attract less clicks than “10 Awesome Things to do in Liverpool”.  The latter explains to the reader what exactly they’re going to get out of the article, while still being short enough to skim read. Using “power words” such as amazing, awesome or best can help attract users towards your pins over others by making it seem more interesting.

Form a good promotion strategy

Part of ensuring your Pins go viral is to form a good promotion strategy and stick to it. You can use different methods such as Tailwind, Tribes, Facebook Groups, to help boost your pins. You could even pay Pinterest to promote them for you. Make sure your plan is consistent and update it when Pinterest decides to change how things work. Recently Pinterest made changes that made your first 5 pins each day the most important. To ensure you make the most of these changes, ensure that the first 5 pins you pin each day are your own and to the most relevant boards.

Use Facebook groups to promote your pins for free, by sharing them in the relevant groups and getting other people to repin them (normally in exchange for you pinning theirs). This is a great way to grow your Pinterest audience and engagement rates. I mention some of the best groups for Pinterest promotion in my guide to The Best Free Facebook Groups for Bloggers.

Once a week, check your Pinterest analytics to see your pins with the best performance. Re-create these pins, and start pinning them again with 2-3 days between each pin to ensure you are not seen as spamming. Pinterest favors fresh pins over older ones, so this helps ensure your content stays relevant and increases the chance your pins go viral – or even allows you to re-viral them.

Use the correct sized Pins

One of the most important things on Pinterest is using vertical pins, that are the correct size and ratio. Pinterest recently changed the ratio to 2:3, and says that 600 x 900px is the optimal size. Pins with a ratio bigger than 1:2.1 are being cropped. This means the longer pins that used to be really good performers, may see a decrease in performance as information will be cut off.

Plan ahead for different seasons & holidays

Lots of people using Pinterest are doing it in order to plan for different seasons and holidays. To benefit from this, make sure you plan ahead by creating content before the season or holiday happens. Re-pin previous years seasonal/holiday pins to help give a boost to the old blog posts and make them re-viral. Luckily to help us figure out when we should be creating content and pinning, Pinterest released a planner which you can get for free from Pinterest’s business blog here. The planner contains information on when to pin, colour schemes, search terms and more.

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