Top 10 Facebook Groups to help you grow your blog.

  • June 10, 2018
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Free Facebook Groups for Bloggers

If you are looking to give your blog a boost of traffic or increase your following on social media then Facebook groups are a fantastic resource. The groups in my list are full of other like-minded bloggers also aiming to grow their blogs and social media accounts. The blogs let you ask for help, download free educational resources, share your posts, find people to collaborate with etc. By utilising these groups, you can easily grow your online following.

By utilizing Facebook groups I have been able to grow my blog’s traffic by 300%, and started generating an income from my blog. Below is a list of 10 of the best groups I found to help me to do this.

Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group

This is a great group for both new and more experienced pinners. This group offers free & premium resources to help you grow your Pinterest account by improving your pinning strategy. If you need help with Pinterest, this is a great resource.

Join the group here.

Pinterest Pals

Pinterest Pals is a great group for growing your Pinterest account and increasing your blog’s traffic. They offer both free and premium educational resources and have daily topics for you to drop a link to one of your pins.

Join the group here.

I’m So Blogging This!

I’m So Blogging This! is a great place to go if you need help with your blog. With over 2500 bloggers in the group, just post a question and you’ll be sure to get an answer quite quickly.

Join the group here

Blogging For New Bloggers

A great group for those who need help with blogging. The group offers a free 5-day email course which can help you fast track your blog’s growth. The group has daily promo topics for you drop links on, to help you grow your blog and social media accounts.

Join the group here

Make Your Blog Beautiful

This group focuses on marketing your blog, and sharing blogging tips to help monetize your blog. There are daily topics for you drop your pins, blog posts etc on and a weekly collaboration post for you to find other bloggers to work with.

Join the group here

Pinterest Mastermind Community

This is a group for creatives using Pinterest. The groups aim is to help you market grow Pinterest to market your blog/business. The group offers both free and paid educational resources that will teach you how to market your Pinterest account.

Join the group here. 

Blogging Newbs

Another great group for those new to blogging, or those looking to improve their blogs traffic. There are some freebies available that cover growing Pinterest, improving your SEO, social media, email marketing as well as free stock photos, media kits etc. It’s a great place to ask blogging related questions, and with almost 20,000 members you’re sure to get a quick response to any blogging query you have.

Join the group here

Women Winning Online™

This group is for women, who are bloggers and online business owners to network with each other. The group is good if you need help with anything relating to blogging or online businesses. There are daily topics, each covering a different area that aims to help you run a successful blog/business.

Join the group here.

Twitter & Pinterest Fabulous

An amazing group for those wanting to give their Twitter and Pinterest accounts a boost. The group has daily topics for you to drop links into your content, that others share in exchange for you sharing theirs.

Join the group here.

Babes Making Money Online

Another amazing group for women that want to make money online. The group concentrates on helping each other grow their online businesses/blogs. The members are really helpful, and the group has some really good resources.

Join the group here

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